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    Queensland Golf Performance is located at Maroochy River Golf Club on the Sunshine Coast. We take a holistic approach to better performance in golf and use the latest technology to measure and capture data in all areas of the game of golf. We can help you play better golf by identifying what area’s of your game need improving and then using our expertise to determine why it is happening. Our assessment programs insure that we have all the information to provide an informative and practical pathway to improving your game. Over the years we have developed a Team of experts that assist our qualified professionals in making sure that all areas that influence performance can be assessed to identify if there are limiting factors that will limit swing efficiency.

    Our new Performance Centre located at the driving range is 200 square meters in size and has 2 indoor/outdoor bays, indoor high performance room including putter fitting, K-VEST 6D, SAM Pressure Plate and then a fully equipped gymnasium. Our retail shop that is located in the main club house building has a fully stocked shop with all the leading brands at competitive pricing. So if you are serious about improving your game come in and check out the Queensland Golf Performance Centre at Maroochy River Golf Club.

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    Sunshine Coast
    I just wanted to touch base with you. Thankyou so very much for everything......Your gift of your teaching was absolutely life changeing for me. You are my inspiration. Every word that came out of your mouth resonated at a million times per hour.