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    Our range of group fitness classes are designed to help every golfer improve their current level of fitness. The energy of working out with others makes exercise fun, motivational and encourages us to push ourselves that little bit more. And as a bonus, every member receives personalised warm up and cool down exercises to maximise their results.

    Each class includes elements of flexibility, core, strength and power exercises. Now don’t let some of these words scare you, there will be no wild bodybuilding exercises or throwing of heavy weights here.

    What we focus on is improving your overall health to make every day on and off the course that little bit better.

    Person 1

    Sunshine Coast
    I just wanted to touch base with you. Thankyou so very much for everything......Your gift of your teaching was absolutely life changeing for me. You are my inspiration. Every word that came out of your mouth resonated at a million times per hour.