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    Yoga promotes correct breathing, while improving your intrinsic & extrinsic strength, stability, balance, muscular endurance, recovery, mobility and of course flexibility. A disproportionate emphasis is placed on flexibility as a key aim of yoga practice and whilst we certainly do work with lengthening muscles, my aim is to increase functional flexibility combining good posture through alignment & connection to strengthening, together with movement flow. We work on promoting sustained powerful levels of isometric contractions with full deep breath increasing lung capacity for endurance. Balance and weight distribution from left to right, head to toe, front & back, inside to outside, as well as balancing energy and activity to rest is a key component in yoga. We use visualisation as a tool which can be powerful for promoting better body composition. At the end of a class a short relaxation offers the opportunity to consciously rest and restock your energy reserves or to simply be still absorbing the practice.

    All forms of sport, activity and dance currently recognise the potential for increased concentration, performance growth and reduction in stress levels through practicing yoga. There is reading material available on the internet that supports and promotes the benefits for golfers adding yoga to their fitness regime. Whether you are a serious player or a more casual golfer better health and playing function is available to you on your mat! For those who are more focused on increasing their range of movement, providing more support & less stress on your joints a stretch & mobility class is available. It is important to be aware that flexibility isn’t required to partake of these classes. Part of the reason we promote active stretching is to widen your range of movement whatever your starting point.

    All care is taken with injuries, particular difficulties and experience levels with alternatives offered to accommodate the beginner to experienced.

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    Sunshine Coast
    I just wanted to touch base with you. Thankyou so very much for everything......Your gift of your teaching was absolutely life changeing for me. You are my inspiration. Every word that came out of your mouth resonated at a million times per hour.